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You Would If You Loved Him

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  You Would If You Loved Him
Coping With A Husband Or Boyfriend Who Has A Sexual Fetish
Jacqueline Omerta, MA, MFT

If your husband or boyfriend has sexual proclivities that are out of the ordinary, you are not alone. More men than you can imagine are aroused by fantasies, fetishes and sexual acts that are out of the norm.

Most women feel aghast, frightened and even betrayed when they find out about their husband's sexual fetish or fantasy. You may think that being dismissive will make it all go away. Unfortunately, this cold-hearted rejection feeds the guilt and shame your partner already feels about himself. This rejection soon causes your loved one to withdraw emotionally and seek out fantasy fulfillment with someone else. Guaranteed.

My name is Jacqueline Omerta and I know how you feel. I'm a licensed Marriage Family Therapist. I've dedicated my life to helping others learn, understand and enjoy their fetish.

Fetish behavior is deeply ingrained. You can't make it go away. Neither can psychotherapy, behavioral therapy or hypnosis. His fetish is here to stay. He's the same good guy you fell in love with. He just has unconventional tastes when it comes to sexuality. These needs have been with him ever since he was a child.

You have a choice: your man can either be alone with his fetish or you can learn to be the one who fulfills his every sexual need. Choose to reject and you will have a husband who will be secretive and stray. Choose to join in and you'll have a husband who will be loyal and appreciative.

I wrote this book to help you communicate openly with each other. Understanding and accepting his fetish guarantees closeness, honesty and intimacy.

There has never been another book like this ever written. No one knows what I know. They couldn't possibly. I have the perfect combination of education, credentials and personal experience to tie this all together, make sense of it and guide you through it successfully.